Giancarlo Signoretto Master Glass

Giancarlo Signoretto e Agnese Tegon.
He, an artist and glass master of international fame.
She, the first woman in history to work at a glass furnace in Murano.

Giancarlo Signoretto Master Glass®

Based in the island of Murano, the artists at the Belle Epoque-style furnace have designed and cre-ated commissioned glass artworks under the direc-tion of internationally-famed maestro Giancarlo Signoretto for more than 40 years. The furnace works with artists of great renown for institutions, museums and companies from all over the world. Within these walls, maestro Giancarlo Signoretto works with Agnese Tegon, contributing to her for-mation with the idea of having her become the first female glass master in the millennial history of Murano glass-making. Featuring an unprecedented blend of artisanship and artistry, the furnace Giancarlo Signoretto Ma-ster Glass has led the innovation in the field of glassmaking, becoming the only true pioneer of artistic and socio-cultural innovation in Murano.

Our take on Murano art

The unique art works created at Giancarlo Signoretto Master Glass aim to trigger a process of soul-searching and to become a mean through which the viewer can meditate. With a nearly 50-year experience under his belt, Giancarlo Signoretto is a Murano-based artist who has, since his childhood, managed to appreciate the grace and fluidity of ‘shape’ in all its expressions. He started siding his older brother, the renowned artist Pino Signoretto, and then moved on and gained further experience by working with other artists and designers whom he met during his frequent journeys throughout the world.

The first figurative art works Giancarlo Signoretto created, earned him a special place in the world of glassmaking and made him become one of the most important masters of abstract art working with glass. Through the creation of celebrity portraits and iconic Italian objects and the development of his technique and style so uniquely detail-oriented, Giancarlo widened his contribution to the world of glassmaking. He uses his masterful technique to create various objects: mirrors, chandeliers, sculptures, both figurative and abstract. Those art works are truly unique and aim to symbolically represent the splendor and excess of the human spirit, the sacredness of sacred objects and the unanimated spirit of nature and things in order to ha-ve the viewer empathise with the art. His art is very diverse and features portrays of iconic unanimated objects, mythological ani-mals, sacred figures belonging to different religious traditions, portraits of celebrities ‘caught in the act’ or surrounded by recognisable places. Each artwork is a personal take on the histo-ry of the art work itself, being it ancient, cultural or artistic.

From a body with accurate and detailed muscles, to a sacred figure with sensual curves, to the monumental elegance of animals or unanimated objects, Giancarlo Signoretto’s art works are, to this day, commissioned by prestigious companies and institutions and continue to represent a very high standard in terms of public art and monuments. A piece of art currently in produc-tion, for example, is commissioned by the Cannes Film Festival and will serve as a stage bac-kdrop for one of the city’s most important cultural events. Together with Agnese Tegon, Giancarlo Signoretto continues to experiment with glass and each of their creations represents a true revolution, a unique and inimitable piece of art conceived and made in Murano.

Created for clients from all over the world, Giancarlo’s sculptures are featured in the perma-nent collections of major museums from around the globe.

The Artists

Giancarlo Signoretto

Giancarlo Signoretto

Master | Artist | Founder

Born in 1962.

Giancarlo starts working at the age of 14 under the supervision of his older brother Pino, a glass ma-ster of international fame, to then move on and work for other Venetian furnaces. In his 40-year career, Giancarlo has created unique art pieces commissioned by illustrious clients from all over the world and has also taught at prestigious art schools. He is a champion of Murano glassmaking and has served as an ambassador for this rich art tradition during his visits in Milan, Rome, Detroit, Singapore, Amsterdam, France, Cannes and Monaco.

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Agnese Tegon

Agnese Tegon


Agnese Tegon was born on the 17th of February 1994.

After getting the Diploma Di Maturità (A-Level) at the Istituto D’arte Guggenheim of Venice where she specialises in glassmaking, Agnese’s work is entered into the 2012 edition of ‘Premio Murano’ and once again into the 2014 edition of Premio Murano where she wins the prize in the Vetrofusione category.
Agnese starts working for a handful of Venetian glass masters.
In March 2015, she starts working at the Scuola Abate Zanetti under the guidance of glass ma-ster Giancarlo Signoretto, with whom she soon starts collaborating on a regular basis. The pair works together for a few years and in July 2020 finally opens their own furnace, Giancarlo Si-gnoretto Master Glass SNC. After being interviewed by different international media outlets about her being the first female glass master in the history of Murano glassmaking, she’s called by RAI for its TV programme ‘L’8 Marzo’: she appears as a special guest to discuss her career.
In May 2022, one of her sculptures is entered into an international competition for young ar-tists, in which, out of 1500 participants, she ranks fourth. Her art piece is then exhibited at an external pavilion of the Biennale Arte 2022 and eventually included in a prestigious catalogue.
Being lucky enough to work daily with glass master Giancarlo Signoretto, she has the chance to gain significant experience by actively assisting him in the making of unique art pieces and tro-phies for international festivals and competitions.
Enthusiastic about her job, Agnese is currently learning all the different techniques used in glassmaking.